Online Application Form

SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS: (The following documents must accompany this application)

  1. Brief company background and motivation in support of the application for finance.
  2. Most recent annual financial statements, audited in the case of companies.
  3. Management accounts since last year end.
  4. Most recent income tax return bearing the applicant’s income tax number.
  5. A recent utility bill showing the applicant’s physical address.
  6. Current account bank statements for last three months.
  7. Certified copies of the identity documents of the applicant / directors / members / sureties.
  8. Certified copies of the antenuptial contract of the consumer (if the consumer is married out of community of property).
  9. The identity document/s of the consumer’s spouse (if the consumer is married in community of property).
  10. Pay slip of the applicant (if the applicant is an individual).
  11. If the consumer is a company:
    • the memorandum and articles of association of the consumer
    • the certificate to commence business of the consumer
    • the most recent CM 29 of the consumer
    • the identity documents of all directors of the consumer
    • an extract from the register of members of the consumer
  12. If the consumer is a close corporation:
    • the CK1 of the consumer
    • any CK2 of the consumer
    • the identity documents of all members of the consumer
  13. If the consumer is a trust:
    • the trust deed of the consumer
    • the letters of authority in respect of the trustees of the consumer
    • the identity documents of the trustees
  14. If the consumer is a partnership:
    • the partnership agreement, if any
    • the identity documents of the partners
  15. If the applicant is an association:
    • the constitution of the association
    • identity documents of the office bearers

APPLICANTS REQUIRING ASSET FINANCE (In addition to the aforegoing information)

  1. Pro forma invoice addressed to CFC.
  2. Photograph of the asset.